Friday, June 13, 2014

Triplet Haiku

I was reading through old stuff and found some haiku I wrote way back in 2007. A blogger was having a contest. I can't remember exactly, but I think the assigned theme was parenthood in general, although the blog owner was a twin dad with a slightly older child.

I didn't win, but one of mine earned an Honorable Mention! Here they are below for your enjoyment. :)

After the School Bus ComesCoffee is ready
But I'm too pooped to get it
Six kids off to school

TripletsAre they all triplets?
Yes, they are, I say again.
Born on the same day?
(yeah, that's a for real experience.)

Triplet Exhibit

Look at the triplets!
Better you than me, I say!
Yes, I do agree.

Counting my Blessings
Two boys and a girl.
And three older brothers, too.
We are truly blessed.

And, my favorite:
Note To The Speech Teacher
He did not say "AZZ"!
He said "EARS", for heaven's sake!
Please work on "Long E".

And this one got Honorable Mention:

 Random Guy at the Mall

"I would kill myself!"
Maybe you should anyway.
Just for being crude.

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