Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rich Where it Counts

My husband spent last weekend with the two triplet boys, while I took the other kids somewhere else. They went on a Cub Scout campout at the local minor league baseball park.

Last night he was telling me about it and about how cool it was to spend time with JUST them. We do spend time with each child separately, but those boys are a different animal when they are alone together, too!

He said that Stephen got all philosophical at one point. That doesn't surprise me - he's the one that does that sort of thing. So he got thoughtful and said "you know, we're not like the people who have a lot of money. But we're not like the people who have no money, either. We're kind of medium."

He thought for another minute then said, "We're not rich in money, but we're really really rich in love. And I think that's better anyway."

What a profound thing for an 8 year old boy to say.