Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Just Venting"

It's been made clear on almost every message board ever that when someone is "just venting" the only response allowed is "OMG you poor little bunny I am SOOOO sorry you had to go through that". Hence this post.
I just need to vent! My sister in law and brother in law just had their 3rd baby. Her family took her 2 older kids for a week so she can rest at home, my mother in law is there for 10 hours cleaning, cooking and taking care of the baby when she isn't breast feeding! She hasn't come downstairs since she came home from the hospital! My brother in law is home all next week and now they are trying to send their son off to friends houses for the day. Seriously!!!! I came home from the hospital with our girls to our son and never needed any help. Laziness is my BIGGEST pet peeve and she just tops the list. I feel better now...thanks :)
This was posted in a multiples group recently. It is another of those posts that makes me embarrassed for my own label of triplet mom. I sure hope I never gave "normal" people even a HINT of feeling this way. Good grief. I can understand if people refused to help you, or equated the two situations. (Then again, maybe not. If one needs help, one needs to ask. Most people compare apples to oranges because they don't know any better, not because they're stupid or mean.) Good for you if you "never needed any help". Yay, you! Here is a cookie. Maybe your SIL is the laziest ass who ever walked the earth, but simply accepting help and letting/arranging for people to watch her kids does not make her so. Maybe you should ask yourself why in the world this would bother you so much. ** disclaimer #1: as a matter of fact I *am* assuming a lot from this post. ** disclaimer #2: FWIW, which is nothing, I came home with a third child and accepted help. I felt I needed it, but I would have been fine without it. I certainly wasn't going to refuse it. I also had help when my triplets came home, and I also had times when I had no help. See above. There, now I feel better too! :)

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