Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On Diapering Triplets

Now, here is a blast from the past. Today on a Triplet Moms' group, a Mom of young triplets asked a common question: "How do you keep them from taking their diapers off (other than duct tape)?"

There was a range of answers before mine, but typing mine out brought it all back to me. I called the kids (now 11 years old) in to read it to them, and it cracked them up. So I decided to put it in here for posterity (and maybe help someone else? I don't know). This is what I wrote.

We diapered backwards, then duct taped it, then put footie pajamas on backwards (so they can't unzip). Once they learned to unzip each other (meaning, the next night) we put the sleeper inside out, ran more duct tape around the waist (be sure it's not too tight!) THEN in one single piece went over the shoulders and down between the legs and back around the waist again, tucking it in at the end. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Unfortunately I was too pissed off and sleep deprived to think to take pictures. I'm thinking of doing it on a doll so I can put a picture in their baby book. ( PS this too only worked for awhile...at some point I guess they grew out of it because we are all still alive and relatively sane)

I am really sad that I never got pictures of it. Here are some photos I got off Google Images. I cut out the faces because I have no desire to "steal" anyone's photos. I couldn't find any that had to tape to the extent we did. I really do want to do it on a doll! Part of the problem in our case was the TRIPLET factor. We didn't have to worry about one kid pulling tape off himself. It's much easier for a second and third kid to come examine the tape, find its beginning and start to peel. Or to "helpfully" pull a zipper down.

Please note that at no time should the duct tape touch the child's skin. Also, be VERY sure that it is not tight. There is no need for it to be tight. By the time they learn how to get into it with scissors, hopefully they will be long past this stage!

And here is why we want the diapers to stay on! Yes, this did happen to us...MORE than once.

Remember, folks, it's only funny TEN years later! Don't let this ^ happen to you. Go to Sam's NOW and buy duct tape! Better safe than sorry!!