Friday, February 5, 2010


Ugh! Someone please tell me how to clean up my list of blogs I follow. I can't seem to figure out how to remove them, only to hide them.

Here's the thing - I had followed several blogs about the Gosselins of Jon and Kate+8. I was, and still am, very concerned for the children's welfare, which was why I followed them in the first place. Lately all has been quiet on the Gosselin front, and it was looking good that those poor kids would no longer be prostituted to the cameras of TLC (or any other network).

Now today I read a story (being from, also known as "Kate-dar" for reasons which should be obvious to anyone with more than a pea for a brain) stating that Jon will allow TLC to film the kids again as long as they drop their lawsuit against him. Gah!!

I confess I didn't read the entire story, so I don't know any details, and what's more I find that I JUST DON'T CARE!!!!! I do still care very much for those poor children, and I pray that SOMEONE in this world will see common sense over dollar signs and get them away from any kind of regular publicity...we already KNOW it won't be either of their attention seeking fame-whore parents or anyone else who stands to make money off of them. But I just can't devote another single second of my time to keeping up with the saga. It is always the same. Nothing ever changes. It might look bright for a moment, but always the things that are truly important to those people (being money and STUFF) rears its ugly head and it's time to SHOVE those children back out into the public eye once again.

Jon and Kate, and anyone who works for you to film the kids, you are SICK. SICK. SICK. You are extremely POOR excuses for parents. Open your eyes, I beg you, you stupid, stupid people. Before it is WAY BEYOND TOO LATE for your children. Your children, your INNOCENT children. STOP whoring them out. STOP calling the paparazzi. Just STOP!!!!

And to anyone who still thinks this is a good idea - these are not CHARACTERS ON A SHOW. They are PEOPLE, you stupid twits! This is their REAL LIFE!! Good grief, I cannot believe how many idiots still talk abut them as if they were the Cosbys!!

How far this world has fallen. God have mercy.